Understand and Influence Everyone You Meet

Using extended DISC to Understand and Influence Every Conversation

Imagine if you could predict what someone will do in any given situation. Imagine the power if you could understand and influence every conversation you enter in to.

Would you think that’s a bit creepy…or interesting….. or perhaps unbelievable? However you feel, the most important thing is that it IS possible.

We are all unique and each of us has our own way of doing things and behaving in different situations. By appreciating these differences and learning how to identify them in those you meet, you can improve your communication and be more effective in influencing them.

This knowledge can be useful in a number of situations:communicate-with-disc

  • for personal interactions with family and friends
  • for leaders and managers to understand their team and be able to influence them effectively
  • in recruiting staff and ensure they interact well with the current employees
  • in any sales situation so you can better appreciate how to present you product or service in a way that will maximise the chances of a successful close.

In this workshop, as a certified extended DISC consultant and trainer, I will take you through the 4 main energy types, how to identify each type in the people you meet.

Learn the characteristics of each type and apply them to yourself, your friends and work colleagues.

Then learn how to hit the right buttons with your behaviour and communication so that you can be more effective in influencing them and getting your messages across.


Take your business to the next level now.


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