Testimonials for Rob Chiarolli and Grapes to Grange Business & Executive Coaching

Dean Hurlston, General Manager

 Peter Gionfriddo, Architect


“I would just like to thank you for all your assistance, help and guidance with the running of my business.
Through your experience and insight, you have provided me with clarity and much needed direction. Your coaching has enabled me to rethink my business strategy and challenge my thoughts.
One of the concepts you have guided me through was the Extended DISC program. The eDISC program has enabled me to efficiently read and understand my clients. This helps me with my day-to-day communications and has been an invaluable business tool.
I would highly and gladly recommend you to any of my friends and business associates.

Kind regards”

Richard McKellar,  Director – Richard McKellar Design



“I’ve been doing some business planning with Rob to re-establish my business’s positioning and marketing strategy. We had a series of three or four meetings with home work between.

You never really know what value you’ll get from a business coach until you receive it. I can honestly say Rob’s been fantastic. His careful eye for how to work through a SWOT, do customer and competitor research, and develop the right strategies has been invaluable. He’s also been that second pair of eyes on marketing collateral, that we all need. Great feedback and mentoring.
Now I’m absolutely clear on how and why my business is unique, how to present it, and what I need to do to get to the next, well planned, rung on the ladder.”

Keith Rhodes, Director, Clips That Sell Pty Ltd.


“I am a busy dentist and owner of a dental practice with 14 staff. I have recently purchased an international coaching and consulting company for dentists with another 20 staff. I am also a wife, daughter and mother to 3 boys including a 1 year old! I thought I could do it all, I am superwoman after all! I was swamped, exhausted and in overwhelm. I know all about business consulting and coaching to get the best out of people, but I struggled to help myself. I was stuck and knew I needed help.
Then one day, into my life walked Rob. His cool, calm actions and rational advice got me back on track and helped me organise myself. He actually got me, the eternal workaholic, to stop working so much in my business and more on my business. When I have major decisions to make, I have an unbiased sounding board and when I am in need of help or even just a chat I know he will be there for me. Even though our coaching relationship is still quite young, I am confident that I have made the right choice with Rob. He is dependable, encouraging and has a wealth of business knowledge. Those skills, along with his NLP training and understanding of personalities and behaviour is a definite winner with me!
Cheers Rob…You deserve every success! ”

Dr Toni Surace, Dentist, Momentum Management and Smile Dental.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Rob Chiarolli over the past 8 months. During this time, Rob has assisted me clarify my priorities and determine what is important to me from a business perspective.
During our monthly meetings, Rob has assisted me determine my key priorities for the following month. By doing this, each month my business goals have been reclassified and redefined until I am now at the stage of achieving exactly what I want to achieve. I have made some changes, changed my business plan and feel really good about where I am headed.
Rob is a genuine, professional individual who really listens and asks the right questions to guide you in the right direction.
It has been a pleasure having Rob assist me!”

Vikki Southey, Principal, Lucamie Solutions Pty Ltd, www.lucamie.com

“Rob brings a wealth of experience to the table as a business coach, it was refreshing speaking to a coach who has runs on the board and with his personable approach is very enjoyable to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Rob’s services”

Patrick Docherty, Custom Financial and Home Loan Solutions.


“ I have worked with Rob Chiarolli in a variety of sales and marketing related projects over the past 10 years. Most recently Rob worked as a consultant on the development of a 5 year marketing/ business plan for a significant pharmaceutical product which included sales forecasts, sales aids and website content.
Rob’s input was invaluable in helping to successfully establish the product in the market”.

Bruce Hewett Managing Director RxConnect International.

“When I started a role as an international marketing manager, I met with Rob on a regular basis to help me work through some of the priority issues I was facing trying to get the department functioning more efficiently. I found the opportunity to sound ideas off someone of Rob’s calibre and business experience invaluable”.

Glenn Brien Marketing Projects Consultant, Directives Enterprises Pty. Ltd.

“I met Rob with an open mind about what he could offer me. I already have most things that I want but I still knew there were areas that I could improve. Rob was able to easily transition from business to personal to family life where he could offer insight, experience and knowledge.
My original concern was my business, however after looking at my situation it was only a small part of the big picture. I have found each meeting with Rob to be insightful and relevant. I feel I have a new perspective on my situation and Rob has clarified and motivated me on the areas that I need to focus on”.

Andrew Fox Brunswick Osteopathy and Acupuncture


“Establishing a new balustrading business in a competitive market has been a challenge made much easier with Rob’s help. While I was comfortable with the workshop and site management side of the business, Rob helped me systemise my processes and to have a clearer and more confident control of the administrative and strategic needs of the company.

One of our suppliers recently described us as the “young go-getters” in the market, and no doubt Rob’s input and direction has been invaluable in our success. I would recommend him to anyone setting up a new enterprise and wanting to make sure they have the strategic, promotional and administration needs covered.”

Chris Gallace. Managing Director. All Star Balustrades and Metal Fabricators Pty Ltd.

“Before I started with Rob, I had no idea what to expect. I was running a successful business but I really needed help with all of my paper work and I needed advice on how to structure it all better. I really had no one to talk to about my ideas who had experience in business and who knew what I was dealing with.
Rob provided a space for me to talk about my business openly and know that I was going to get something constructive in return. He turned out to be more of a counselor for me in life and business. He helped me to see that I didn’t have a good work life balance and that was what was holding me back from being more organised and efficient in my business.
I would recommend Rob to anyone, in business for themselves, who needs support and needs someone (other than friends and family) to talk things through with.”

Romina De Corso, Eyebrow and Skin Specialist.


“I met Rob a few months ago, following the recommendation of a former mutual colleague.
As an experienced coach with great people skills, Rob has been a terrific support with a focus on all strategies to deliver a complete solution. There can always some kind of difficulty in translating coaching skills into “real world” practical situations. However Rob, has been extremely effective in “marrying“ the two together.
In the few months that we have worked together, he has supported me in a number of effective ways to steadily move towards my goals and outcomes, and to ensure that long term success is built on a solid foundation. Unlike some other marketers and business coaches, he ensures that you have the necessary tools to build this foundation with and to ensure you will get a better return on your investment.
I believe what makes Rob to stand out in the crowd is his understanding of human behaviour and what makes people buy. Therefore, I can use such experience to secure an advantage for the overall success of my venture.
Have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rob to any of my friends as a very valuable asset in building your business, or building your confidence in life generally.”

Nira Elgart, Director, Healthy Together.


“I work as assistant manager for a busy restaurant. That’s a job in which relationships are very important as well as being always smiley and available. With his advice, Rob helped me and taught me to handle different and difficult situations, in particular, to deal with strong and prevailing personalities.
Before meeting Rob, I was very doubtful about the possible benefits of life and business coaching, but at the end of the first session I had already changed my mind and couldn’t wait to meet him again. After a few targeted questions, he seemed to know me better than I did! I would strongly recommend Rob to anyone, as he is a very good advisor and motivator.”

Manual Mariani


“Thank you for my Extended Disc Profile (eDISC) and the follow-up consultation. It is amazing how such a simple and easy questionnaire can lead to a report with such insights.
I’ve done other personality profiles in the past but I think eDISC has been the most useful because it focuses, not only on your inherent personality, but also on how to manage yourself and others you deal with in business, so you can optimise your performance.
Most of us enter small business because we are good at our profession but we want control and independence over our work. However, we end up having to deal with so many tasks outside of our expertise, and so many different types of people –clients, suppliers and employees. Having been self-employed for nearly 20 years I think eDISC is really something that every small business person should do if they want to take control of the whole experience.
I expect my eDisc profile will enable me to work more effectively with others and to make better decisions about tasks I take on myself and tasks I delegate to others.”

Dr Paul Thewlis Little Web Giants littlewebgiants.com


“I met Rob through my husband; they started the coaching journey together and I joined along the way. Rob took me up in his coaching and adapted his sessions to me and my husband, both as two individuals, and as a couple.
He perfectly understood the stage and the needs of us as a couple, being in a new country and working on how to make this new life a permanent adventure. He saw us through and gave us constant opportunities of self-assessment and constructive criticism. He helped with his professional advice and techniques.
I would recommend Rob to any person that is going through a particular stage of his/ her life or that wants to understand which are the important core values of him/herself. He will definitely provide some good help and boost the confidence that everyone needs to gain in order to go through challenging situations in life.”

Eleonora Beolchi