Resolve Conflict

Stop letting unproductive conflicts rob your company of morale, time, and profit….

In any business, productive conflicts can lead to constructive discussions, fresh ideas and improvements.

However, when conflicts between managers, employees, teams, and even entire business units become dysfunctional, performance suffers.conflict

This workshop presents a proven 7-step framework that provides a practical, effective way to get to the root of what is causing the conflict and how to resolve it while balancing results, relationships and ego.

This programme gives your team the habits they need to influence, resolve conflicts, and foster collaboration throughout the organisation on an ongoing basis.

Presenting Situations:

  • You have a conflict with somebody else that is hurting performance, making you uncomfortable, or making it hard to get things done


  • Improved productivity
  • Better teamwork
  • Improved morale and more positive environment
  • Better relationships
  • Less Stress


Take your business to the next level now.

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