Wish you knew more about that employee before you offered the job?

It is so often seen in business the issue of employing someone based on their CV and interview, unmotivated-employeesand then finding out they are not a good fit with your employees – or worse still, with you!!

Wouldn’t it be great to understanding an employee’s behaviour before making the commitment to recruit them? Well with an extended DISC behavioural assessment you can.

We don’t really know a person unless we live with them for many years and it is not possible to understand how anyone will behave in a given environment from one or two interviews without using a behavioural assessments like extended DISC.

While the large scale recruiters often include such assessments in their process to create a final short list – they don’t all do it though – small business owners may not be able to afford the services of a formal recruitment agency.

That’s where having an extended DISC behavioral assessment completed prior to your final decision, can give you the peace of mind that you’re making the right choice. A formal assessment can uncover the behavioural traits that suggest the best management style for the individual, as well as how well the candidate could be expected to interact with the current employees.extended DISC

Obviously there is much more to running a successful business than behavioural assessments but without using such a tool in the recruitment process, it is impossible to understand what motivates an individual, what reduces their motivation and just how they are going to inter-relate with you and other team members and clients.

As a accredited consultant and trainer of Extended DISC, I would love to share more information on extended DISC for business success or help you with your next recruitment opportunity. Just contact me by email or phone, or leave a comment below.