Mission and Values

MISSION and VALUES of Grapes to Grange Business and Executive Coaching

Grapes To Grange Business and Executive Coaching, provides a client-focused service dedicated to enabling individuals and businesses to align their personal and corporate goals, set a clear, focused direction, and have a driven purpose in all they do.

This is achieved through a systematic review, establishing a clear focus on strategies designed to achieve the set goals, implementing systems and processes to keep the business on track, and surrounding yourself with the right people.

The overall mission is one of helping small business owners, as individuals and teams, achieve :

  • their strategic, financial, mission valuesand personal goals,
  • be the best they can be by using and enhancing all of their capabilities,
  • to live and work as effectively and efficiently as possible, while
  • being true to their core values.

Grapes to Grange Business and Executive Coaching embraces the following core values:


  • Clear and focused assessment, planning and recommendations
  • Clarity of procedures and communication
  • Clarity of the results to be achieved


  • Maintenance of the highest level of ethical standards
  • Confidentiality and honesty is assured
  • Great value is placed on the relationship developed with each client
  • The client’s best interests will be paramount in all dealings


  • All advice and services will be delivered to the highest possible professional standards