Executive Coaching

Why Hire an Executive Coach?

Running a business  and particularly one where you manage a team,Executive coaching image can be hugely challenging – both personally and professionally. It can also be a bit lonely. Who do you talk to and bounce ideas around with when others look to you for the answers?

An Executive Coach can provide the support you need and be a sounding board for ideas and solutions to problems. Whether you’re struggling with work and life balance or you’re needing support and advice about the internal challenges within your business, an Executive Coach can help you get the clarity you need.

Executive Coaches have typically been there, done that. We’ve usually been employed in larger organisations and have had first-hand experience of the trials and tribulations that comes with that. Having had the experience of doing so,we’re now perfectly placed to help you.

Most organisations put a lot on pressure on someone who reaches executive or senior status, as they believe that person should inherently be able to act under pressure, inspire and implement ideas, keep their skills sharp and current and have all the answers. That’s a lot of balls to keep in the air, and so engaging an experienced Executive Coach gives you a sounding board to help you balance your responsibilities  and can give you strategies to cope with both company and personal change and sustain it.

An Executive Coach can help in the following areas

Executive coaching is most often used by organisations or business owners in the following situations:

  • Assisting an employee in a new leadership role make a successful transition – particularly when the individual is new to the business;
  • Helping a valued executive with a specific performance problem to develop new skills and make necessary, often difficult, behavioural changes;
  • Facilitating a high-potential employee to fast-track by developing his or her leadership skills and effectiveness for a more senior role;
  • Acting as a confidant to senior executives as they wrestle with difficult strategic and operational decisions. As both a sounding board and devil’s advocate, the Executive Coach helps the executive analyse issues, generate and test different courses of action, identify obstacles and move toward successful implementation.

We provide coaching that falls  into two broad categories, or often a blend of these:

  • change-oriented: with an emphasis on supplementing and refocusing the participant’s
    skills; and
  • growth-oriented: with an emphasis on accelerating the learning curve for high-potential
    or recently promoted executives.

What Executive Coaching Programmes are provided?

Executive coaching programmes may run from 3-12 months depending on whether it’s for a specific behavioural change aspect such as emotional intelligence training or conflict resolution, or for growth such as my “First 90 Days as a Leader” programme or my 12 month “Leadership Excellence” programme.

For executives, managers and leaders we focus on high leverage areas such as productivity, leadership, networking, management style, teamwork, corporate morale and motivation, influence and persuasion, and career advancement.

Achievement of personal goals is aligned within the context of the larger corporate or business goals, and this may involve the challenge of developing new habits, changing behaviours and learning new skills.

Other key executive coaching programmes I provide include:

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