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Welcome to the Grapes to Grange business blog. I maintain this business blog with words of wisdom I have gathered over the past 30 years for anyone in business.

I cover a range of topics that I get asked about on a regular basis. Whether they are for personal growth, or ideas to improve your effectiveness or efficiency as a business professional, I hope you find some of these posts of value and ask that you freely share the content.

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My 5 Top Tips for Achieving Your Daily Goals

    One of the most common reasons people seek out the services of a coach or mentor is as a result of feeling overwhelmed. All the pressures of running a business, or being in one, mean that there are a lot of balls to keep in the air and people to keep satisfied. It may […]

SWOT Analysis – Your First and Most Important Strategic Business Tool

SWOT Analysis – Your First and Most Important Strategic Business Tool One common reason small business owners contact me is about not having enough clients or cashflow, despite doing everything they read about in digital marketing posts and workshops. I ask them a simple question: “Have you done a SWOT Analysis for your business?” More […]

The top 8 reasons why start-ups fail

  The Top 8 Reasons Why Start-Ups Fail There’s no denying that starting a business is a tough gig. With a staggering 95% start-ups failing within the first couple of years, stats are certainly against you. So what goes wrong – and how can you make sure your exciting new venture is one of the […]

Wish you knew more about that employee before you offered the job?

It is so often seen in business the issue of employing someone based on their CV and interview, and then finding out they are not a good fit with your employees – or worse still, with you!! Wouldn’t it be great to understanding an employee’s behaviour before making the commitment to recruit them? Well with an extended […]

The Six Core Needs and their importance in business and life

I recently presented the Six Core Needs model at a business meeting and one of the attendees exclaimed: “Where was this a year ago when I needed it. This is great.” So it prompted me to share with my network. Hope you find it useful. The Six Core Needs model was first developed by Tony Robbins and […]

Achieve Your Goal – One Step at a Time

Every Leap begins with a Step I am finding it a common issue among people I meet – and many that come to me for coaching support – that they have some great plans and visions but either don’t have a good step by step action plan, or expect it to all happen in one motion. Every […]

Have you wondered what Emotional Intelligence is? Here’s a quick guide.

  Have you ever wondered what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is? Why is it such a sought after skill and attribute among successful leaders of organisations today?The 3 top challenges faced by leaders today identified by a recent survey of  business coaches were: interpersonal skills, listening skills and empathy; influence; and self-awareness. These correspond to three […]

Top 5 Strategies for an Effective Business Partnership

Top 5 Strategies for an Effective Business Partnership In today’s hectic and competitive business environment, it’s become commonplace and even more important to forge business links to be able to serve the broader market without being overwhelmed.  Whether it’s a formal partnership, a referral alliance, a co-operative association or any other form of collaboration, having […]

Are You an Above the Line or Below the Line Thinker

Do you think above the line or below the line This is a concept that business coaches use regularly – moving people from below the line thinking to above the line thinking. This is because your individual response to situations determines the outcome you will receive. So you can be the cause of things happening, […]

A Business Development Resource to Consider

A Great Business Development Resource I’d Like to Share with You If you are running your own business, or know someone who does, and particularly if they are just setting out on the business journey, then please read on as this is for you. I’d like to share with you a step by step system […]

Do You Prefer Self-Paced Learning and Professional Development?

There are two things EVERY business owner wants. First, they want to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money so they can eliminate any current financial distress they find themselves in. Second, they want to reach $1 million in annual revenue so they can begin to live the life they have always […]

Overcoming Procrastination

How to Overcome Procrastination Procrastination is the scourge of a lot of clients and people I meet at events and meetings. With “time management” and “work-life balance”, these represent the 3 most common reasons people come to me for help. Procrastination is the act of delaying or putting off an activity, more often than not, […]

7 Deadly Sins of Business

Are You Guilty of any of the 7 Deadly Sins of Business? I read a great little article recently by Kate Jones who applied the well known 7 Deadly Sins to the business environment. I wanted to share that with you as food for thought in your own businesses. In the article Kate explains that […]

To SWOT or Not to SWOT?

The help provide a clear focus for you and your business, a comprehensive and honest SWOT analysis is an unquestionable must-have in any business. First developed in the 1960’s by Albert S Humphrey, it is as important and crucial today as it was then. To set you aside from your competition and carve a sustainable […]

The Challenges of Work Life Balance

An insight and useful tool for Work Life Balance One of the most common issues I get asked to manage by my clients and associates is work life balance, or more correctly, imbalance. Here is an insight and a useful tool that might help you assess where you stand when it comes to the work […]

Tips to Manage Your Email

Beat the Inbox “Time Bandit” and Manage Your Email When I ask clients to assess where they spend their time and where it is most wasted, I keep getting the same response – the email Inbox. Does that ring true for you? Do you keep looking at that Inbox as the notification sound plays? Is your Inbox just crowded […]

Get off Comfort Zone Island

Get out of your Comfort Zone and Achieve More Comfort Zone Island is such a great place. We all love it there, don’t we? We feel comfortable and very safe on this island – no threats, no challenges, we make life what we want it to be and just relax. Comfort Zone Island. When you […]

Pareto Principle

Use the Pareto 80:20 rule to help prioritise what you do. Are you like many of the business owners and individuals I meet where there just never seems to be enough hours in the day, and that To Do list just gets longer and longer? Well using the Pareto Principle to help guide you might […]