Are You an Above the Line or Below the Line Thinker

Do you think above the line or below the line

This is a concept that business coaches use regularly – moving people from below the line thinking to above the line thinking. This is because your individual response to situations determines the outcome you will receive. So you can be the cause of things happening, or your can choose to be the effect of those occurrences.

above or below line thinking

In essence, it represents a behavioural concept that one can be either below the line and generally in excuse mode, blame mode and denial mode. In this mode nothing is every your fault and you judge – you are the victim of someone else. The graphic shows some of the behaviours when you are in “below the line” thinking mode.

Conversely, as an above the line thinker, you tend to be accountable, take responsibility and ownership of situations. You are solution- and result- focused and the hero of the environment. As a result there are more choices, more actions and acceptance.When it comes to business – and life – by checking with yourself that you are at cause and your thinking is above the line, results in far better outcomes than when you are at effect and your behaviours restrict what you can achieve.

Of course, we can’t always be in “up mode” and it’s human nature to vacillate between the two. But take a moment, and check where you are….and do something to keep yourself above the line.

Remember always that the glass is half full….not half empty.