Achieve Your Goal – One Step at a Time

Every Leap begins with a Step

I am finding it a common issue among people I meet – and many that come to me for coaching support – that theysteps have some great plans and visions but either don’t have a good step by step action plan, or expect it to all happen in one motion.

Every leap begins with a step…so today I’m sharing with you some key insights into how to take those steps, so you can achieve the leap you are after….one step at a time.

These are my 6 key steps to achievement of your goals:

  • Ask yourself WHY is this your goal
  • Write the goal down in the SMART* format
  • Break the goal into smaller stages
  • Make a list of what you need to have for each stage or step of the process
  • Re-organise your list by sequence and priority
  • Take the first step and take a step every week

The very first step is to ask yourself one big question: WHY is this my goal? Too many people make goals they never emotionally commit to; how then are you ever going to be committed to achieving that goal? Ask yourself: “What will achieving the goal do for you”? “How will you feel”? By strengthening the purpose behind achieving the goal you are 80% on the way to success.why image

Too many people fail because they get disheartened by not achieving a goal that is too large.

Break the goal down, make an action plan, and cross the steps off as you achieve them. Break down your yearly goal into quarterly, 90 day, goals. In this way a goal that may appear overwhelming at first, will be easier to manage as you are reinforcing your progress each and every week or month.

This helps you realise you are making progress toward your ultimate goal, and this is particularly important if it is a big and demanding goal, or long term one. The Japanese call this Kaizen steps, the term for “continuous improvement”.

So take the first step towards that large leap.



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* Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Timed