About Grapes to Grange Business and Executive Coaching

Are you missing that spark, that fire in your belly, or are you at a fork in the road and just not sure where you and your business are heading? As a business coach I can help you find some direction.direction

By creating a vision, a mindset for success, and a clear plan for the future Grapes to Grange Business and Executive Coaching helps you and your business succeed with clear and focused thinking, strategic planning and purpose, using methods and tools designed to meet both your personal and organisational needs.

Whether you are just starting a new business or looking at taking your next big step, my flexible and experienced approach is personalised to your needs. If you need a structured programme, we can set that up, or if you prefer to work on certain elements at a time, then we can prioritise your needs.

Coaching is for people and businesses with problems, right? WRONG!!

The world is increasingly competitive and fast moving, and we recognise that we need to work with speed and precision to achieve critical business outcomes. As a result, coaching  and mentoring is now about supporting and encouraging you to become the best you can be, making the most of the capabilities you already possess, identifying and managing any roadblocks, and have you work more effectively and interactively within your business and team. It’s more about helping you – and thereby your business – get better so you can maintain your competitive edge.

How do you choose a business coach or mentor?

Selecting the right business, executive or even life coach is a challenge. In the end it’s all about rapport and trust, isn’t it? With over 3 decades of business experience selling products, managing marketing campaigns, leading people, and running my own businesses, I understand and appreciate what you are going through –  the high and lows of business, dealing with downturns,  price pressures, managing a growing business, or hiring and firing are just a few examples. And all this while you balance your personal life and goals. I can help you.

I provide a personalised, adaptable and flexible approach. We review your business and provide resources, tasks and activities to improve your business systems and help them grow and prosper. Most importantly, I keep you – and your team –  accountable.  As a “transformational” coach I also encourage you to develop as an individual, a leader, a role model, and actively nurture your sense of purpose and direction in life and work. We create new habits that will work for you in the years ahead and optimise your mindset, attitudes and behaviours.

Grapes to Grange Business & Executive Coaching offers the following core services:

  1. Executive Coaching
  2. Business Coaching
  3. Behavioural Profiling and Training using Extended DISC
  4. Accelerate your business educational programme
  5. Webinars, seminars and Mastermind groups
  6. Consulting

Through our network of affiliates Grapes to Grange Business & Executive Coaching can also recommend services of many other professionals covering most of your business needs, including: photography; graphic design; printing services; event management, web design and digital marketing strategies; IT and networking services; sales and marketing training; market research services; accounting and book-keeping.

Let’s build that rapport and trust between us. Check out some of my testimonials to see how others have benefited from our coaching relationship.

Contact me for an initial consultation meeting (at my cost and no obligation) where we will undertake a full Business Health Review and personal assessment to help gauge your current business and personal performance levels. We will agree on the way forward to close the gap to assist you and your business to grow and prosper.

Don’t delay… contact me right now and take the first step toward change.

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